Translating with Pootle


This is a tutorial to non nerd users, to teach him to make translition using pootle. This tutorial dind't explain all the functionalities of pootle system, but only those necessary to make a translation.

What is Pootle?

Pootle is a simple web portal that will enable you to manage translation of projects. The name Pootle stands for PO-based Online Translation / Localization Engine.

More information...

Colivre's Pootle

To agilize the translation process the Colivre team uses Pootle to manage all the translation of your projects. You can use the Colivre's Pootle here:

Choosing a project

In the initial page of Colivre's Pootle you are going to see all the colivre's projects that needs translation. Clicking on the language you are going to see all the available projects to make the translation on the language choosen (Picture 3) and clicking on the project's name you are going to see all the availables languages that need translation on the choosen project (Picture 2) .

Picture 1: Initial page

Picture 2: All availables languages to make the translation on Abelo's project.

Pisture 3: All available projects that needs brasilian portuguese language translation.

Making an Account

The first step to make the translations on Pootle is make your account. To do this click on link "register" in the rigth-top of the intial page (Picture 1)

Picture 4: Register

Add your personal informations (login, email, password) to create your account.

Picture 5: Create account form

After submit the data you will be redirected to the page ilustrated bellow on the Picture 6, where you will be informed the your activation code was sent by email.

Pisture 6: Activation warning

In a few seconds you will be redirected to a page like Picture 7, where you must put your login and the activation code.

Picture 7: Confirm activation

Confirm your register and make the login on the system (Picture 8) with your user and password chossen.

Picture 8: Login

After make the login you will see the page ilustrated by the Picute 9.

Picture 9: Login page

Walking to translation

Choose the project and language that you wish to translate as explain on "Choosing a project" section. An example, if we wanna translate the Abelo project to the brasilian portuguese language we have two ways to init the translation:

  1. One is choose the Abelo project and after the language brasilian protuguese language ;
  2. The other is choose the brasilian portuguese and after the Abelo project;

Following the both ways you will see the screen like bellow:

Picture 10: Preparing to translate

In Picture 10 on left-top side we can see some links that need some explanation.

Picture 11: Options

The first link is to the language choosen follow by the project choosen, clicking in any of these links you will be redirected to the screen represented bi Picture 3 and Picture 2, respectively.

On the bottom exist some options the the user make the translation. On the link "Show Editing Functions" you will make the translation of the project, on "Show Goals" you will see the goals defined to the translatoin time and clicking in "Zip of folder" you can download a .zip file with the translations files fo the project.

Lets jump to the good work wink

On the option "Show Editing Functions" ilustrated by the Picture 12 we have the option "Quick Translate" where you will be redirected to the translation interface of pootle and you could initiate the translation.

Picture 12: Init the translation

Translating project

Now it's the easy part that is the translation of the project wink

Picture 13: Translating

Looking for Picture 13 we can see that on the left side we have the english phrase that need to be translated and ni the rigth side we have a box to put the translated text. Bellow we explain the options available on translation mode:


If the "Fuzzy" field is marked this means that Pootle made a partial translation based on the other phrases existent on the project. If you made the correct translation you have to unmark the fuzzy field to include the phrase on final translation file of the project.


To sent the translation you must click on the "Submit" button.


Clicking on "Sugest" the phrase translated will be just a sugestion to other users validate or not the translation.


Copy the english phrase of the left "phrase to translate" to the rigth "place that we translate the phrase"


Back to the previous phrase


Skip to the next phrase.

O menu que se encontra abaixo da identificação do usuário logado possui informações referentes lalalalalala (Explicar isso melhor)

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